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  1. Omslagsbild: Quest of the Golden Ape av

    Quest of the Golden Ape

    Quest of the Golden Ape is a science fiction novel by Randal Garrett and Stephen Marlowe first published in 1957. How could this man awaken with no past—no childhood—no recollection except of a vague world of terror from which his mother cried out for vengeance and...

  2. Omslagsbild: The chapter ends av

    The chapter ends

    The Chapter Ends is a science fiction short story by Poul W. Anderson first published in 1954. Far, far in the future the Earth is still spinning around the Sun, on the edge of the galaxy, dozing in obscurity, forgotten by it's trillions of progeny and completely...

  3. Omslagsbild: Time crime av

    Time crime

    Time Crime is a science fiction novel written by H. Beam Piper, originally published in 1955. The Paratime Police had a real headache this time! Tracing one man in a population of millions is easy--compared to finding one gang hiding out on one of billions of probability...

  4. Omslagsbild: Ṣaḥḥ al-nawm av

    Ṣaḥḥ al-nawm

    In the beginning of spring, Tuffaha meets them who were asleep during winter. She misses the squirrel, the turtle, the hedgehog, the frog, the snail and even her bike! She misses cycling around in the streets of her village.

  5. Omslagsbild: Space Tug av

    Space Tug

    Space Tug is a science fiction novel by Murray Leinster first published in 1953. 30 MINUTES TO LIVE!   Joe Kenmore heard the airlock close with a sickening wheeze and then a clank. In desperation he turned toward Haney. "My God, we've been locked out!" Through the...

  6. Omslagsbild: Duel on Syrtis av

    Duel on Syrtis

    Duel on Syrtis is a science fiction short story by Poul W. Anderson first published in 1951. The Man Who Meant To Kill A Martian Bold and ruthless, he was famed throughout the System as a big-game hunter. From the firedrakes of Mercury to the ice-crawlers of Pluto, he'd...

  7. Omslagsbild: The city at world's end av

    The city at world's end

    The City at World's End is a classic science fiction novel by American author Edmond Hamilton first published in 1951. This is the story of a present-day town and its people – a small Midwestern city whose fifty thousand inhabitants are suddenly flung into an...

  8. Omslagsbild: Islands of space av

    Islands of space

    Islands of Space is a science fiction novel by John W Campbell Jr., first published in 1930. As Earth's faster-than-light spaceship hung in the void between galaxies, Arcot, Wade, Morey and Fuller could see below them, like a vast shining horizon, the mass of stars that...

  9. Omslagsbild: Cum grano salis av

    Cum grano salis

    Cum Grano Salis is a science fiction novella by Randal Garrett, first published in 1959, under the pen-name David Gordon. “Just because a man can do something others can’t does not, unfortunately, mean he knows how to do it. One man could eat the native fruit and...

  10. Omslagsbild: People minus X av

    People minus X

    People Minus X is a science fiction novel by Raymond Z. Gallun first published in 1957. A disastrous experiment destroys the moon and kills millions on earth. The invention of artificial flesh lets them return to life as androids, a second and perhaps superior human...

  11. Omslagsbild: The world beyond av

    The world beyond

    The World Beyond is a science fiction short story by American author Ray Cummings. Out of nowhere came these grim, cold, black-clad men, to kidnap three Earth people and carry them to a weird and terrible world where a man could be a giant at will.  Lee Anthony finds...

  12. Omslagsbild: The burning bridge av

    The burning bridge

    The Burning Bridge is a science fiction short story by Poul W. Anderson first published in 1960. A fleet from Earth is bound for a distant planet to colonize. Many of the colonists have left because of political and social discrimination. Their travel has taken them far...

  13. Omslagsbild: Dead giveaway av

    Dead giveaway

    Dead Giveaway is a science fiction novella by Randal Garrett, first published in 1959. Logic's a wonderful thing; by logical analysis, one can determine the necessary reason for the existence of a dead city of a very high order on an utterly useless planet. Obviously a...

  14. Omslagsbild: Limādhā sakat al-nahr av

    Limādhā sakat al-nahr qiṣṣaṣ

    The title of the book is the title of one of the many short stories in this book. The author made everything around us talk. Not only animals are able to talk, things are able to talk too. The walls can talk as cats can do; the river can talk as bird can do. At the end...

  15. Omslagsbild: Qiṣṣah mithl av

    Qiṣṣah mithl

    "Things are turned upside down", "lengthen your legs in proportion to your carpet", "Between Hana and Mana, we lost our beards", "judgment to Karakouch", "Do not build dreams on illusions" These proverbs among others have been cited in this book. There are also quotes...

  16. Omslagsbild: Rastignac the devil av

    Rastignac the devil

    Rastignac The Devil is a science fiction novella by Philip José Farmer first published in Fantastic Universe May 1954. Here is high fidelity fiction at Philip José Farmer's story-telling best. It's a vibrant, distractingly different tale of three centuries into the...

  17. Omslagsbild: A spaceship named McGuire av

    A spaceship named McGuire

    A Spaceship Named McGuire is a science fiction novella by Randal Garrett, first published in 1961. The basic trouble with McGuire was that, though "he" was a robot spaceship, nevertheless "he" had a definite weakness that a man might understand.... Can a spaceship go...

  18. Omslagsbild: The real thing av

    The real thing

    The Real Thing is a short story by Henry James, first published in 1892 and the following year as the title story in the collection, The Real Thing and Other Stories. This story, often read as a parable, plays with the reality-illusion dichotomy that fascinated James,...

  19. Omslagsbild: Monsters of mars av

    Monsters of mars

    Monsters of Mars is a science fiction novella by American author Edmond Hamilton first published in Astounding Stories 1931. Three Martian-duped Earth-men swing open the gates of space that for so long had barred the greedy hordes of the Red Planet. Total Running Time...

  20. Omslagsbild: Wandl the invader av

    Wandl the invader

    Wandl the Invader is a science fiction novel by American author Ray Cummings first serilised in Astounding Stories in 1932.  There were nine major planets in the Solar System and it was within their boundaries that man first set up interplanetary commerce and began...

  21. Omslagsbild: Hunter Patrol av

    Hunter Patrol

    Hunter Patrol is a Science fiction novella by H Beam Piper and John J McGuire first published in 1959. Many men have dreamed of world peace, but none have been able to achieve it. If one man did have that power, could mankind afford to pay the price? World War IV has...

  22. Omslagsbild: The vortex blaster av

    The vortex blaster

    The Vortex Blaster is a science fiction novella by American author E. E. ”Doc” Smith. It was first published in 1930. The novella is part of E.E. "Doc" Smith's classic Lensman series. Uncontrolled, terribly violent Atomic Vortices are slowly destroying civilization...

  23. Omslagsbild: Qālat al-wardah li-sunūnū av

    Qālat al-wardah li-sunūnū

    Eighteen wonderful stories written in the wonderful and eloquent style of Zakariya Tamer, that relies on suspense and enjoyment, as well as providing themes and morals .The drawings and artistic layout of the book have contributed a lot in highlighting these themes....

  24. Omslagsbild: But, I don't think av

    But, I don't think

    But, I Don't Think is a science fiction novella by Randal Garrett first published in 1959. In an intragalactic empire organized as an aristocracy (from Execs to lowly Sevens) the empire's ships are being attacked in hyperspace by the ships of the Misfits. To shoot a...

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