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  1. Omslagsbild: A smile with a tear av

    A smile with a tear 102 poems

    To you who have loved. Poems inspired by both great and small. Often about love and with a touch of humour. Lawrence Gelmon has two Bachelor‘s degrees and lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

  2. Omslagsbild: Monsters of the world av

    Monsters of the world a novel

    Monsters of the World is a 2016 novel by Finnish author Antti Louhenkilpi. It deals with several themes ranging from analysis of the modern society to complex issues such as identity, morality, perception of the world, and the difference between good and bad. The novel...

  3. Omslagsbild: Home-based treatment av

    Home-based treatment in the life stories of Fin ...

    This book tells the life stories of nine physically handicapped young adults in Finland. Each of these young adults received the English Kerland/Brainwave home-based treatment when they were young. The rehabilitation was given three hours a day by the parents of the...

  4. Omslagsbild: Instead of the ITER project and the TOKAMAK principle av

    Instead of the ITER project and the TOKAMAK pr ... a new type of fusion mac ...

    Why have thousands of scientists and technicians with access to  huge material and financial resources and over 60 years of extremely costly experiments, not for practical purposes been able to solve the problem of so-called controlled fusion? And imitate the natural...

  5. Omslagsbild: Thaïs av


    Thaïs is a novel by French Nobel laureate Anatole France published in 1890. It is based on events in the life of Saint Thaïs of Egypt, a legendary convert to Christianity who is said to have lived in the 4th century. It was the inspiration for the opera of the same...

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