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  1. Omslagsbild: The man who came early av

    The man who came early

    The Man Who Came Early is a science fiction short story by Poul Anderson first published in 1957. Anderson takes us to Iceland near the end of the tenth century and convincingly depicts a truly "alien" way of life and teaches us the tragic truth that the role of a...

  2. Omslagsbild: Star surgeon av

    Star surgeon

    Star Surgeon is a 1960 science fiction novel by Alan E. Nourse. Born on a planet of a distant star, Dal Timgar is the first alien to attempt to become a qualified physician of Hospital Earth. Dal Timgar had always wanted to be a doctor. As a Garvian and the first...

  3. Omslagsbild: The escape av

    The escape

    The Escape is a science fiction novella by Poul Anderson first published in 1953.  The effect of the Change was actually rather small— but great enough to make foxes open locked doors, turn a moron into a super-moron, and give Earth a galaxy while its own system fell...

  4. Omslagsbild: Operation Interstellar av

    Operation Interstellar

    Operation Interstellar is a science fiction novel by George O. Smith first published in 1950. Haedaecker’s Theory claims that real-time communications across space is impossible. Paul Grayson believes that Z-wave technology will make real time communication...

  5. Omslagsbild: Badge of infamy av

    Badge of infamy

    Badge of Infamy is a science fiction novel by Anerican author Lester del Ray, first published in 1957. After a world plague, the Earth is ruled by the US, which is for all practical purposes ruled by the Medical and Space Lobbies. A promising doctor is declared an outlaw...

  6. Omslagsbild: Warlord of Kor av

    Warlord of Kor

    Warlord of Kor is a science fiction novel by Terry Gene Carr. GOD, MACHINE--OR LISTENING POST FOR OUTSIDERS? Horng sat opposite the tiny, fragile creature who held a microphone, its wires attached to an interpreting machine. He blinked his huge eyes slowly, his stiff...

  7. Omslagsbild: A Columbus of space av

    A Columbus of space

    A Columbus of Space is a science fiction novel by Garrett P. Serviss first published in 1909. A classic science fiction adventure in the style of and dedicated to the readers of Jules Verne. The hero of this tale of scientific wonder is called "A Columbus of Space"...

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