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  1. Omslagsbild: Far from the madding crowd av

    Far from the madding crowd

    Far From The Madding Crowd (1874) is English writer Thomas Hardy's fourth novel. The novel is the first to be set in Hardy's fictional county of Wessex in rural south west England. It deals in themes of love, honour and betrayal, against a backdrop of the seemingly...

  2. Omslagsbild: Star surgeon av

    Star surgeon

    Star Surgeon is a 1960 science fiction novel by Alan E. Nourse. Born on a planet of a distant star, Dal Timgar is the first alien to attempt to become a qualified physician of Hospital Earth. Dal Timgar had always wanted to be a doctor. As a Garvian and the first...

  3. Omslagsbild: Lady Barbarina av

    Lady Barbarina

    Lady Barbarina is a novella by Henry James first published in 1884. Rich and beautiful American girls heading to England to find themselves noble titles through marriage, and using their New World wealth to prop up the waning strength of the aristocracy, was almost a...

  4. Omslagsbild: The game av

    The game

    The Game is a 1905 novel by Jack London about a twenty year-old boxer Joe, who meets his death in the ring. London was a sports reporter for the Oakland Herald and based the novel on his personal observations. Joe Fleming earns his livelihood as a sailmaker and supports...

  5. Omslagsbild: The princess Casamassima av

    The princess Casamassima

    The Princess Casamassima is a novel by Henry James, first published as a serial in The Atlantic Monthly in 1885-1886 and then as a book in 1886. It is the story of an intelligent but confused young London bookbinder, Hyacinth Robinson, who becomes involved in radical...

  6. Omslagsbild: Penguin Island av

    Penguin Island

    Penguin Island is a satire novel by French Nobel laureate Anatole France, first published in 1908. The Novel is written in the style of a sprawling 18th- and 19th-century history book, concerned with grand metanarratives, mythologizing heroes, hagiography and romantic...

  7. Omslagsbild: Brother Jacob av

    Brother Jacob

    Brother Jacob is a short story by George Eliot, first published in 1860. In Brother Jacob, George Eliot explores the relationship between the selfish, self-centred and ambitious David Faux and his idiot brother, Jacob. Mary Anne Evans (1819-1880), better known by her pen...

  8. Omslagsbild: The trees of pride av

    The trees of pride

    Three trees, known as the Peacock trees, are blamed by the peasants for the fever that has killed many. Squire Vane scoffs at this legend as superstition. To prove them wrong, once and for all, he takes a bet to spend the night in the trees. In the morning he has...

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