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  1. Omslagsbild: The complete stories av

    The complete stories

    Sammanfattning: From the icy suburbs of Canada to the overcrowded B & Bs of Cornwall, via the hill towns and cities of India, Anita Desai observes human behaviour unflinchingly but not unkindly, recognising our ordinariness and our strangeness, and capturing both with...

  2. Omslagsbild: Swimmer among the stars av

    Swimmer among the stars stories

    With originality and vision, these stories cut against the grain of literary convention, drawing equally from ancient history and current events. His world-spanning stories speak to contemporary challenges of environmental collapse and cultural appropriation, but also to...

  3. Omslagsbild: Fairytales for lost children av

    Fairytales for lost children

    FAIRYTALES FOR LOST CHILDREN is narrated by people constantly on the verge of self-revelation. These characters - young, gay and lesbian Somalis - must navigate the complexities of family, identity and the immigrant experience as they tumble towards freedom. Set in...

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