Loans and reservations

Here is a summary of our lending rules:

  • Library loans cost nothing. 
  • The library card is free of charge. 
  • To obtain a library card you must produce photo identification at the library. 
  • If you are under 18 years old, your parent or guardian’s signature is required. 
  • You are responsible for all loans on your card. 
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for their children’s loans. 
  • The loan period is usually four weeks, but there are exceptions. 
  • You can renew twice, but there are exceptions. 
  • If there is a reservation queue for a book, the loan period is two weeks. 
  • You can return items to any of our libraries. 
  • You are responsible for returning your loans on time. 
  • If a book is overdue, a late fee will be charged. 
  • There are no late fees for under 18s. 
  • If you do not return a book, the library will send you a bill for the cost.
  • Unpaid bills go to debt collection (not for children under 18). 
  • If a book is damaged during the loan period, you must replace it.
  • You may borrow up to 50 items at a time, including a maximum of 20 music CDs and 5 DVDs. 
  • You may borrow a maximum of 3 e-books per seven-day period.

Loan period

The standard loan period is four weeks for:

  • books, audio books and talking books 
  • language courses 
  • dvd:s and videos that are not feature films. 

The loan period is two weeks for books with a reservation queue, and for:

  • journals 
  • music cd:s 
  • cd-rom:s 
  • feature films 
  • express loans. 

During the summer, the loan period is six weeks or more.


You may renew twice, but you may not renew if:

  • you have already renewed the item twice 
  • there is a reservation queue for the book 
  • the book or film has a two-week loan period 
  • you owe the library SEK 100 or more 
  • you have been billed for a non-returned book 
  • your card is blocked. 

You can renew items online. Alternatively, phone or visit the library for help renewing an item. The phone number for renewal through Customer Services is: 08-508 30 900.

About reservations

  • From June 1, 2022, it is free to reserve books, for both adults and children. 
  • You can have up to 10 reservations at the same time. 
  • If you owe the library SEK 100 or more, you may not make a reservation.  
  • Feature films cannot be reserved. 
  • Talking books and Daisy books cannot be reserved by everyone, but anyone can reserve audio books. 
  • Reference copies may not be reserved. 
  • Newspapers and journals may not be reserved. 


The following fees are chargeable to borrowers aged 18 years and above:

  • new library card SEK 20 
  • late fee, SEK 10 per started week 

The highest late fee is SEK 100 per item.

Lost or damaged media:

  • book, SEK 350 
  • paperback, SEK 100
  • book & cd, SEK 350
  • audio book, SEK 350
  • dvd, SEK 600 
  • music cd, SEK 350 
  • computer game and cd-rom, SEK 600
  • language course, SEK 600
  • magazine, single copy, SEK 100
  • magazine, annual volume, SEK 350

If you are under 18, you do not pay late fees, but you have to compensate for lost or damaged media:

  • book, SEK 100 
  • paperback, SEK 100
  • book & cd, SEK 100
  • audio book, SEK 100
  • dvd, SEK 350 
  • music cd, SEK 100 
  • computer game and cd-rom, SEK 350
  • language course, SEK 350
  • magazine, single copy, SEK 100
  • magazine, annual volume, SEK 100

You pay your fees at the library or here on the website. Log in with your card number or personal identity number and PIN. Select "What I owe". You can pay by card at all libraries.

You can pay by cash at the following libraries only: Björkhagen, Blackeberg, Bredäng, Hagsätra, Husby, Hässelby Gård, Rinkeby and Stadsbiblioteket.

You cannot compensate for a lost or damaged book with an equivalent book.

If you owe the library SEK 100 or more, you may not borrow or reserve any items. You may borrow and reserve items again once the debt has been settled.

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